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Album Dead Ball Project vol.4

Dead Ball Project vol.4
Název: Dead Ball Project vol.4
Datum vydání: 14.08.2010
Počet písniček: 14
Typ: Album CD
Edice: Standardní
Jazyk: Japonština Japonština
Délka: 1 hod 2 min 5 sec


Hatsune Miku     Megurine Luka    

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Číslo Jméno skladby Délka
1Shut Up and Feel My Vibes04:22
2One Thousand Senseless Repetitions03:51
3Cannival Dancing Paradise03:46
5I Just Want to Kill You a Lot04:13
6Maiden Regrets of Immortality04:40
7The Haunted Ghostwriter04:16
8Maiden Ex Machina and the Happy Prince04:46
9Looking-Glass Syndrome04:07
10More! Happy fruit!04:24
11Maybe I`m not a Human.04:20
12chondroitin -Brain Teaser Polyrhythm REMIX04:38
13Shut Up and Feel My Vibes! -Ite Komashi ver.-04:20
14The Fourth Time I Want to Love the Deadball-P Radio04:51