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Album Dead Ball Project vol.2

Dead Ball Project vol.2
Název: Dead Ball Project vol.2
Datum vydání: 16.08.2008
Počet písniček: 16
Typ: Album CD
Edice: Standardní
Jazyk: Japonština Japonština
Délka: 1 hod 11 min 19 sec


Hatsune Miku     Kagamine Rin    

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Číslo Jméno skladby Délka
1Magical deadball girl!01:49
2Tsubaki no hana04:21
3Seven sins and the seven knell04:57
4One-shot life, die with me and kiss me (1LDK)04:03
5If you live, you will be a liar04:09
6Supersonic loneliness04:26
7Furthest person in the world03:57
8Farewell to the world"s end04:02
9Yes, we are the opium prostitutes04:07
10Maternity vermilion - hapey impression04:15
11Even if you lost precious one, can you go on04:48
12Fait accompli profane04:48
13Listen to music in a cafe the first pitch04:03
14On the other side of the screen space04:52
15Fait accompli04:36
16Radio wishes Michiru and Miku love08:06